Paula Salas is currently working in two projects. One of them titled "An explosion, dull and deep, not too far" is made in collaboration with Border Agency (Rosario Montero, Sebastián Melo, Paula Salas) and it explores the minefields near San Pedro de Atacama, in the Atacama dessert, to reflect on the role that technology plays as a material and symbolic artifact in generating territories / mediated landscapes. From November until January 2017 this project is being exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art at Quinta Normal Park, in Santiago. Here you can read more about it

The other project called "Niñerías" is an investigation initiated by Dante Cociña and Paula Salas about the possibilities of artistic collaboration between parents and children. It seeks to explore ways to work in horizontally between adults and children, creating systems in which the actions of children and grown-ups complement each other organically. We are interested in learning about mother-daughter relationships not based on authority, hierarchy and obedience, but on cooperation, trust and interdependence.