Presentation: "Reflecting on Cultural Identity"
OutLINE Gallery, Amsterdam, June, 2012

This was a performatic presentation about postcolonial identities, and how they can be portrayed.

In times like ours, when stability and authenticity seem to have lost their social value, and identity is being theorized as interweaving flows that define self-understanding and behavior, I wonder how can such identity be portrayed.

“I occasionally experience myself as a cluster of flowing currents. I prefer this to the idea of a solid self, the identity to which so many attach so much significance. These currents, like the themes of one’s life, flow along during the waking hours, and at their best, they require no reconciling, no harmonizing. They are “off” and may be out of place, but at least they are always in motion, in time, in place, in the form of all kinds of strange combinations moving about, not necessarily forward, sometimes against each other, contrapuntally yet without one central theme. A form of freedom, I’d like to think, even if I am far from being totally convinced that it is... With so many dissonances in my life I have learned actually to prefer being not quite right and out of place.”
Said, Edward (1999). Out of Place: A Memoir

This video was part of the presentation. While the video was being projected, I reenacted the same action alive raising doubts on the nature of the projected image (if it was a recording or if it was happening at that moment). Both, the images themselves and the mismatch between live-action and video talk about the fictional and fluid character of cultural identities.